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Welcome to Blood Onyx
Hiya, facmates! Welcome to Blood Onyx. I am excited to be getting this site up and running. Bear with me though as I am still making changes, as well as adding lots of stuff to it.  Eventually, it will all fall into place and run smoothly.

Now as you may already know, Blood Onyx is a relaxed faction; however, we are trying to get it active as well. We encourage you to do your best and keep in touch... even if it just a quick hello on this site. It allows us to know who is on and who isn't. If you are gonna be gone for a while, PLEASE LET US KNOW. We just don't want anybody booted if it is a needed break.

On another quick note- Alternative characters! Blood Onyx would love bringing an alt or two. The more of a variety definitely helps everybody out. We just ask that you stay active on the main and alts

We are also creating banks to help the faction as well as individuals. These banks will be designed for mats, dq, weapons, etc.  We just ask that you make donations whenever possible, whether it be mats, armor, coins or anything in between.

With above being said, just be patient with us to get the site up and running. And thank you for joining Blood Onyx. You are what makes the faction work like it does. Don't be afraid to bring more friends, family and even strangers to join! All is welcome.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to mention them. I look forward to it all! Thanks again to all of you! I hope to see you in game and here.

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